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Business /9/11/2018

A very special morning

In fact, doing something that takes a long time will appear tired points. Sometimes, you just want to lie down and rest for a while without bothering from anyone, don’t you?

But if you love the work you’re doing, believe in people who are doing with you, that will become your motivation to help you overcome the tired points.

I would like to share something that one of our members had shared:

“Like a long-distance bus, someone goes all the way, someone just goes 1-2 stations. Whether due to busy work, personal feelings or any other reasons, there is a bit of regret. I really admire those people who have stayed with ABC for 3-4-5 years and wish people who can’t continue to wih ABC will be more successfull and always keep the good images of ABC”.

A few words to share.

Alphabiz Chapter. What a special morning!

BNI Alphabiz Chapter

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