174 Nguyen Dinh Chieu str., Dist. 3, HCMC (Stix Restaurant)

Who We Are ?

As member chapter of BNI Vietnam organized by Global BNI ( Business Network International ) with more than 368,000 enterprise members who effectively collaborating in 72 countries globaly. Belong in strategical goals, we aim wishing to actually assist all members develop our own business help by valued resources, advanced stools as well multi marketing channles effectively and powerly. We a team garther acting in trust, more enthusiasm and futher host as family connections to enhance business referrals together. As 12 months  AlphaBiz members successly giver 2600 referrals valued amount of 142 billions.

What we do We Are Different


Wherever, Alphabiz we always build and help every individual member, family as well our business more success and happiness.


AlphaBiz - a team who actively to commit approaching success, honesty and networking effectively.

AlphaBiz - as advanged members we devoutly share and build up valued success and emotional energy for everyone.

AlphaBiz- always for Advangetance - Professionalism - Connectivity.

AlphaBiz- whenever we ever connect for more success and we either beloved in family emotionalness, friendship wherever

Core Values

Standardization - do as BNI’s Codes and Ethics.

Professionalism - do proffesionaly connecting, relations and also services activities.

Commitment - do actions what we commit and further.

7 +

44 +

420 billion

9000 +

Cultural Alphabiz 3C - 3H


CORDIALITY We are always sincere and geared towards developing valuable, lasting relationships with our members, our member’s families other partners.

COMMITMENT We are always committed to the endeavor of Alpha Biz chapter's Vision, Mission, Values and Culture.

CIVIC RESPONSIBILITY Each AlphaBiz member is responsible for the commitment to the quality of its products and services as well as the results of its dealings with its partners.


HIGHER EDUCATION We are constantly learning and improving ourselves to develop a sustainable business and a balanced, prosperous personal life.

HUMOUR We always aim to be positive, always create a happy environment among our members and their families.

HARD WORK We always show the spirit of responsibility, full of energy, acting according to the Giver Gains philosophy.

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