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Business /13/12/2019

AlphaBiz chapters seven years old birthday

I have never understand this sentence as today, when all of AlphaBiz Chapter’s member together celebrates the seven years of establishment

In life, we all have our own relationships, someone has some, someone has even more than a thousand. But, not all of them is a deep relationship that you can understand deeply and empathy each other. To understand a person, not only spending time for each other is enough, but also experiencing the incident and showing to each other the real personalities.

All the things we have experienced

So we feel that we are so lucky to be a part of AlphaBiz chapter – an organization that gives us so much chances to understand each other. 7 years with more than 300 general meetings, a thousands 1-2-1 meetings, and a tens of thousands business chances and a happiness when give each other business chances, the sadness and disappointed when seeing our teammates got failure, and we even anger when someone has a wrong behavior. All of these experiences makes us understand each other deeper, at first we understand about the products/ services and after that we understand about the people and finally help us accept the differences of each other, empathy and respect each other.

The feeling that only people who in that situation understand

Today, we celebrate 7 years of establishment of AlphaBiz, seeing every member gives a hand to prepare the event, some ones invited guests, some ones handled “check in”, some ones ordered cake that have all member image, others run to all the meeting room to turn the microphone, then clean up the room… I feel very  fretty, a feeling that maybe only AlphaBiz members understand.

7 years and the ups and downs

Remember today of 7 years ago, 25 co-founders are so pretty in Ao Dai and veston. We stayed up so late to general review of AlphaBiz launch ceremony at Kim Do hotel, through full of ups and downs, sometime we only had 12 members, but now we have got somethings call “our achievement” – we have built our own culture, we have vision and mission to develop Chapter’s brand to area BNI and the world,…

…All that is left with me is my gratitude to all the members, the former members who have been contributing each brick to build an AlphaBiz Chapter “Standard – Professional – Quality”; and “Sincerity – Commitment – Responsibility” of today.



Author: Pham Thi Que Anh (Mrs.)

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