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AlphaBiz – family trip


The story has just passed, and today, I would like to tell everyone again about my definition of the “second family”.

People often have many definitions of a “second family”. It could be a company, a really close friend, etc., but to me, it seems to be a little bit encapsulated. Just for me.

To be honest, where I can put my feelings in and if without it for a short period of time, so short that it feels like I’m missing something that I can’t define, then that’s the 2nd family already.

Eat together, sleep together, share business opportunities, sad and happy stories in life, and do you know? Traveling together is extremely difficult. Yet we did it together. (It is difficult because each of us has our own time, often very busy, busy according to its definition).

There will be many more trips like that, and believe me, we are truly a “family”.

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Author: Nguyen Thi Ha (Mrs.)

Account Director: BIGSOUTH AGENCY
More than 10 years experience in branding

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