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Legal Knowledge /8/11/2019

Amending a number of provisions on PPP projects enterprises law and investment law

Accordingly, the PPP Law, Enterprise Law and Investment Law will have certain changes. Specifically, for PPP Law (Investment Law in the form of public-private partnership), according to the draft law submitted to the verification agency, the minimum threshold for implementing PPP projects in each field is stipulated by the Government but being not lower than 200 billion VND.


For the Enterprise Law project (amended), it is worth noting that the definition of state-owned enterprises has been modified to include two types of enterprises: enterprises in which the state owns 100% of charter capital and enterprises that the state owns more than 50% of charter capital or the total number of voting shares.

Regarding the Law on Investment (amended), one of the highlights of this amendment is the abolition of 12 conditional business investment lines. The draft law also removed commercial housing from the subjects of investment incentives to be consistent with the provisions of the Land Law.

In addition to these three law’s projects above, at this two-week session, the National Assembly Standing Committee also commented on many others : the Law on amendment and supplementa number of articles of the Law on Natural Disaster Prevention and Control and Law on Dikes , Law on Securities (amended), Law on Youth (amended), Law on amendment and supplement a number of articles of the Law on State Audit, Law on Mediation, Dialogue in Court, Law on amendment and supplement some articles of the Law on Organization of the National Assembly.

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