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Social /25/11/2019

Atim explores the land of the temples-Bagan

“Flee” from the shadows of skyscrapers, temporarily forget about the daily tasks, ATIM  adventures to the land of the temples – Bagan, Myanmar.


Bagan is a mysterious coloful land with thousands of temples has existed for hundreds of years. On day of late October, ATIM had a trip to Bagan and we were excited to experience great things at this place.

We touched the first sunshine of the day at a moment when we were watching the sunrise – the dawn at the “temples land”. The dawn sky with the balloons flying in the air. That makes the begining of the day so peacefull.


Our journey has extremely challenging and enjoyable experiences. The hot weather of Bagan was not able to stop our spirit of discovery.


Overwhelmed by the grandeur of nature and the beauty of the temples, we are excited to explore Bagan  as a child who has a new toy. We visited the temples that existed for hundreds of years, experienced the usual activities of indigenous people and tried Myanmar food. Every one of us has our own beautiful memories in the pristine land of this ancient beauty.


Sunset on the Ayeyarwady River – a beautiful setting, it seems like everything is perfectly arranged. The sunshine of the afternoon covered a whole space , the breeze blowing to our soul, we just like quietly see the moment the sun is gradually disappeared behind the mountain…


ATIM had such a simple day in Bagan!

Source: Atim.com.vn

Author: Nguyen Thanh Hien (Mr.)

Managing Partner: ATIM LAW FIRM
LL.B, LL.M, MBA, 15 years of legal practice focusing on corporate, foreign investment.

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