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Basic techniques for making good movies

To produce a movie, or a short TVC that appeals to viewers, good cinematography is an extremely important factor. Therefore, Bigsouth Media would like to review some basic techniques to have a nice movie.

1. Adjust camera specifications

Before filming TVC commercials or any kind of movie, you should set all filming equipment to the same standard to facilitate the editing process. Currently, there are 2 common film standards when shooting is SD and HD. You need to consider choosing an appropriate movie standard.

quay phim giới thiệu chuyên nghiệp - Bigsouth Media.

• HD: HD 720p and HD 1080p (NTSC: 30 frames / 1s, PAL 25 frames / 1s)
• There are also many other movie modes, the most modern today is 4K technology.
• To ensure the quality of Video, you should choose high resolution standard such as SD or VGA or higher. And to match the grid frequency in Vietnam is 50hz, you choose standard SD PAL or HD PAL.

2. Choose a rotation angle

During movie shooting, choosing an angle is very important. There are 3 basic angles of rotation: from top to bottom, from bottom to top and from side to side. Depending on each scene, you should choose the right angle to add more vivid.

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• Top-down shooting: the goal is to take the main shot, make the character smaller, lower the importance of people or things in it.
• Bottom-up rotation: In contrast to top-down rotation, this angle re-emphasizes the character or thing, demonstrating the importance / strength of the character.
• Rotating at eye level: usually height from 1.2m – 1.8m, this angle describes authenticity, less drama.

3. Choose the right frame

There are 4 basic types of frames when producing commercials, corporate videos, reportage films, etc. Choosing the right frame will help you reflect the content you want to convey. This is the second most important thing that you need to do in the overall professional cinematography.

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To know how to choose the right frame, see the usage of each frame below:

  • Take close-ups: Use when you want the audience to see someone’s face, or an animal’s or object’s face. Often applied when filming interviews, news, product ads, or when you want to portray the feelings of a character …
  • Panoramic shooting, also known as wide-angle shooting, is often used when you want to start a reportage, short clip or movie … This type of shot helps capture the entire scene, people and movement of a wide context. . Usually applied when shooting landscapes, houses …
  • Feature shooting – similar to close-up shooting technique but focusing on a certain detail such as the mouth, eyes … in order to better describe the object being filmed.
  • Center shot – the frame is taking more than half of the body or two-thirds of the scene depending on which is the main subject. Mid-shot is a scene that is very popular and dominates every video, every video … Because when shooting the middle, every detail is clear, the people and the symmetrical scene are not as blurred as the scene. broad and not too focused on a single detail.

4. Use flexible machine operation

A professional videographer must always know how to use flexible camera operations. Machine operations include: pan, pan from top to bottom, zoom, pan upwards …

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When to use these machine operations?

  • When you need to zoom in on a certain element, you use the zoom operation, pay attention to zoom slowly, smoothly, creating a sense of no shock for viewers.
  • When you want to describe slowly from a product or an object, use panning … Do not overdo the manipulation because it will bring uncomfortable feeling to the viewer.
  • When opening a scene, you should shoot it from top to bottom, slowly shooting. Conversely, when finished, slowly turn the machine up to create a closed effect for the viewer

The above are the most basic and also the most important actions for filming. Wishing you a successful application to your video product!



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Author: Nguyen Thi Ha (Mrs.)

Account Director: BIGSOUTH AGENCY
More than 10 years experience in branding

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