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Business | 19 /Dec /2019

Buổi diễn giả thành công của CEO thương hiệu Chát Nuts & Tea

Ngày 19/12/2019, chị Nguyễn Thị Diễm Khanh – CEO của Công Ty Thực Phẩm Chát Nuts & Tea đã có buổi thuyết...

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Business | 13 /Dec /2019

The successful showcase introduces about super clean wet wipes of Sanh Tai Company

On December 12, 2019, Mr. Nguyen Trung Minh, CEO of Sanh Tai Company has had a showcase introduce about the product Super clean wet wipes,...

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Business | 13 /Dec /2019

AlphaBiz chapters seven years old birthday

I have never understand this sentence as today, when all of AlphaBiz Chapter’s member together celebrates the seven years of establishment...

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Business | 12 /Dec /2019

Admission ceremony for new member – TM Group Trading Investment Corporation

12 December, 2019 is a special day to all members of AlphaBiz Chapter. It is not only the seventh birthday of AlphaBiz but also the day it welcomes...

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Business | 3 /Dec /2019

BNI Accelerates Global Growth & Innovation

NI, the World’s Largest Business Network, Announces Strategic Investment to Accelerate Global Growth & Innovation BNI® is poised...

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Business | 14 /Nov /2019

Share article on building brand identity for SMEs

At each stage of each person, we will have different concerns. Always the same. For example, when I just graduated from college, I always...

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Business | 9 /Nov /2019

Successful speech by artisan Hoa Dat

When I returned to Hanoi, wandering in the streets for a walk on Saturday night, I was surprised because I could still see To He, a toy of clay...

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Business | 10 /Oct /2019

LT handover ceremony, term 14-15

We have just passed the 14th term together with new challenges, new goals, promising new members. Above all, we believe that we will...

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Business | 9 /Nov /2018

A very special morning

In fact, doing something that takes a long time will appear tired points. Sometimes, you just want to lie down and rest for a while...

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