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How we do effectively in BNI?

As soon as joinng BNI and involving 100% in “ Giver & Gain” process, you will be recognized the positive changes and oustanding development which are given by BNI to your own business as giver & gain of referrals

As commited following of BNI’s system and being positive attitude you will be potential relations, well trained business networking  to enhance potential referrals given from other members, partners, networked clients deservely your time and effort as joining BNI

How is fee of BNI’s member?

BNI Vietnam is a brand fanchised from Global BNI, accordingly to become as a BNI’s member, you will take a yearly fee as franchise paid to using sytem and stools, resources of BNI. After fee charged, you will be an official BNI’s member.

Thus, you take a fee per quarter as costs so your chapter pay for weekly meeting and other activities…

How to participate in BNI?

As a vistor  attending a chapter meeting is the best way help you know BNI’s activiite structures, also has more experienced whether BNI’s being suitable for you.

After visiting and decice partcipating to BNI,  you will be intructed giving some infomation into member registration. Member team will contact and visit to your business to qualify whether you be well conditions before you  get an offcial acceptance’s chapter.

BNI is suitable with whom?

BNI’s memebers are the owner enterprise or senior buisness management who probably take decisions for own businesss and either commit of BNI’s procedures. This is the essential condition in order member can do the ethics of BNI: “Giver & Gain”.

What are you being in BNI?

As participating in BNI, you will get chances being enhanced of advanced knowledge professionally and wholy. Thus, you will be received buisiness referrals from memebers and whose are networking relations

Further, members are trained business skills with exclusive advanced resources from BNI.

Is BNI as Multi-Level Marketing?

BNI is not Multi- Level Marketing (MLM), BNI is global networking organization. BNI manage structures as pyramid diagram, memebers who participate to develope business relations systematically and using exclusive sytem, resources of BNI to enhancing business as ethics: “Giver & Gain”.

How is BNI operate?

BNI operates as pyramid module: National BNI-Regional BNI- Area BNI, BNI Chapter-BNI Memeber.

BNI helps memeber enhancing business networking and developing business referrals as weekly meeting in every chapter with exclusive resources of BNI.

BNI is the largest and the most successful Referrals Marketing Organization globaly recognized recently. Services and products  of a member will be advertised by other members as well their realated partners, clients.. not only in area, regional, national BNI but also globaly expanding.

To find out business opportunites: are you on right way?

There is many ways to approach the target, besdise the rough we have many shorter and faster ways. The key thing you realize that ways are?

As same as referral marketing structure, there are many ways to enhance the effectiveness of your exchange business opportunities with other members.

In fact fastly and effectively, you should rquest being connected to a specified individual and straight out some thing to be assisted. Do not go around for seeking business opportunities, so probably you miss that unfortunately.

The bellow story to help you figured out the active way getting business referral in communication:

in a chapter meeting, Sally a member stand up and speaking out:

– I want to be connected with Marty Romero- a largest national property retailer

Janet who has many 1-2-1 turns with Sally since some months is attend in meeting immediately say:

-Sally, Romero is my cousin brother

Sally surprised continue:

– Why did you not tell me before?

Janet said:

You have not told me about that during our referrral exchanging

As wishing to maximize referrals, you shoule be cleared at the begining with partner of suitable business opprotunities and targeted market, client segments  you approaching,

Let’s sellect the smartest and fastest ways to avoid missing opportunites for you and your business.

( Source: Dr.Ivan Misner- Founder & Chairman BNI Global )

Referral partner relation- is thoughtfuly enough?

Known that, which is the key thing to build up a long-term business realtion? Well thanked bellow things, you probably be profound referral partners.

-You trust they are as the experienced expert in owned field

-You trust they will accomplish successfully and carefully in which are referrals given

-You know and trust them in last one year at least

– You know at least 3 main products, services of partner and confidently advertise to the others

– You know name of their family and saw one of them at least

– You did answer them: How can you do to give referrals for them?

– You know at least their 5 targets both in individual and business goals

– You can call them in 10:00 PM as you realy need doing

– You do not feel awkwardly as requesting being supported in businesss and individual case

– You have belong with partner in a vacation, study..

– You used to have a private appoitment in business and individual purpose

– You really see the going more success and wishing be that

– They are really hard worked and engrossely contribute in tasks

–  You are openly, faithfully as sharing how to support them and you supported

You may be shocked to obtain above all things with partner, but that are the neccessaries during giving and gaining buisness referrals.We certainly often take time and involvement to develop network relations. Yes, you really well do to whom being trusted, emotionally interested and helps needed.

After realizing above key things, you yourselves avaluate which level relation currently is? With fewer or more abtained relation, you realize they can accomplish those works given. If you have readly some business referrals giving, let’s build up relations of referrals partner who you concerned profoundly.

( Source: Dr.Ivan Misner- Founder & Chairman BNI Global )

Why have members to do 1-2-1?

1-2-1 is a basic activity helps members to giving and gaining business referrals throught out building up relations and knowing business actitvities together.

Why do you choose BNI?

As Graham Weihmiller- CEO BNI Global he himself shares four reasons experienced:

BNI memebers are qualified of standardization

Every memeber of total 220,000 global members is qualified of standardization as successfully participated into BNI community.

BNI members have to be responsible and do commit in quality and standardization in any country, regional, chapter belonged of BNIs’ system

BNI memebers aim to score values: “Giver & Gain”

BNI score values “Giver & Gain” are well proved in around the world to perform in daily life and business activities.

Recently BNI has 7300 chapters with more than 220.000 members in 72  countries globaly. In 2016, BNI members give 9 millions referrals with amout of US$ 11.2. Since 1985 , BNI members give many millions business referrals with amout of US$ 36.3

BNI memebers are disciplined and highly commited

Hundred thousands BNI memeber attend in 90 minutes meeting weekly. Meeting held in early morning and members must wake up early and carefully arranged something for successful meeting

BNI memebers commit studying and individual development

Beside weekly meetings, BNI has many opportunities help members to develop proffessionaly and powering in order improve experienced more than a normal salesman.

Once well connected to BNI members in around the world, you in fact realize they constantly finding out the best ways and methods to improve knowledge as well individual values.

Source: www.bni.co

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