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Advertising - Media /10/12/2019

Company introduction video – a new trend of communication.

Nowadays, in the era of strong technology development, business introduction film is receiving strong attention, it is not only a dynamic portfolio but also a key factor to bring great success for the business. market.

So how important is Company introduction video ?

Làm phim giới thiệu doanh nghiệp chuyên nghiệp

1. Company introduction video offer an advantage in how to access information.

According to a study on the forms of people receiving information, it was concluded that information is received by people most visually in the form of visual visualization, accounting for over 70% in human life. So this is also the fastest way to bring information to people. Next is the sound. Which was a promotional video that meant a combination of both audio and visual. Therefore, instead of a still image, a business movie will attract more customers’ attention.

Phim giới thiệu Spa chuyên nghiệp

2. Company introduction video provide a better memory effect.

The human brain has the best memory capacity for information presented in the form of images. The company’s content conveyed in images in corporate movies will improve the efficiency of the accessibility of the people higher than other forms, generalizing more information, approaching the perception of customers more easily.

Phim giới thiệu Doanh nghiệp cháy chữa cháy

3. Company introduction video  brings to the content advantage

There are contents that need to be conveyed but not transmitted by other forms, only video clips can be transferred. For example, if you want to show the work process, the company’s activities or recreate the atmosphere of labor enthusiasm in offices, factories, … there will be no more reasonable and optimal way than a video.

Quay phim giới thiệu công ty Thủy Sản

4. Company introduction video are more likely to spread

Currently there are many ways to store movies so more assured about universal. In other words, there are many channels for developing and promoting self-introduced films such as television, internet, LCD screens in crowded public places, conferences, exhibitions, and send to customers. , partner. Many viewers now have terminals such as televisions, computers, phones that can watch movie introduction very conveniently anytime, anywhere.

The film introduces itself as a lively and effective profile for businesses, replacing the previous dry information. Business film production needs a lot of experience from script building to shooting and editing to create great and impressive products. Bigsouth Media with the passion and experience of 15 years in the media industry and modern and complete facilities will surely bring the most impressive and professional corporate self-introductions to customers.

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Author: Nguyen Thi Ha (Mrs.)

Account Director: BIGSOUTH AGENCY
More than 10 years experience in branding

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