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Resources | 13/ Nov/ 2019

Instructions – Passport To Success

BNI Passport To Success is a tool developed to guide new members to integrate quickly with the Chapter through sitting back to learn and exploit BNI’s tools well with reputable and experienced members. Experiments in chapter and one person follow up for 90 days.

The first-year members are the ones that are hard to keep in the chapter. Only about 50% of first-year members stay in the business long term. Although we know that we have a mentoring program in the Chapter, it is less often and properly observed in chapters today.

This BNI Passport book is meant to divide the work between many different members in orientation, training for new members who need to know how to join and integrate with the Chapter. Commitment and experience are key for members to maintain their business from year to year with all the other members of the chapter. The first year was their hardest year to get that “key”.

Losing and replacing a first-year member will bring damage to the Chapter itself because the chapter must spend a lot of time to recruit, train, and commit to building a business roadmap with new members, instead needing more than is the time to grow the business of the whole chapter.

BNI Passport to Success will create a commitment for new members, train them and give them a lot of experience so that they can fully feel the values ​​that BNI and the Chapter have brought to them so that they can develop. Development chapter long.

(Ho Quang Minh – President of BNI Vietnam)

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