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Business /10/10/2019

LT handover ceremony, term 14-15

We have just passed the 14th term together with new challenges, new goals, promising new members. Above all, we believe that we will also innovate – a Chapter Platinum for example.

The 14th term ended with the thanks from the members for LT with the wishes that are all sincere thanks for our Chapter: “Congratulations to the Old President for a safe landing” and wishes with great expectations for the new LT.

Five years is not too long but five years is a journey, a journey to find teammates, to be drunk with the little love that the members give each other, to be together as a small ant colony, tail-holding hands build the 2nd home of every business individual.

Alphabiz Chapter would like to express our sincere thanks to the guests, the old members for coming and sharing with us, and giving the members the business opportunities, the handshake giving special trust.

Proud to be an Alphabiz member – words for many members, right?

Entering the 15th term with new goals to help the chapter grow as the vision, mission and core values that LT previous terms have built:


Alphabiz is a place to help each individual, family and business of each member more successful and happier.


  • ALPHA BIZ is a team consisting of active, committed and striving members to achieve balance, harmony and goodwill.
  • ALPHA BIZ does not distinguish the size, industry and experience of each member but is willing to share and support to make the member’s business more successful.
  • ALPHA BIZ constantly strives for Standard, Professional and Quality goals.
  • ALPHA BIZ is a family, we not only connect and support to make the member’s business more successful, the individual member is more complete but also connect the family of the members to share and understand each other better.

Core values

  • Standard – compliance with the system, standards in the implementation of BNI philosophy.
  • Professional – professional in dealing, providing products and services to partners.
  • Quality – professional in behaving, providing products and services to partners.

Term objectives of the 15th term (October 1st, 2019 – April 31st, 2020):

  • Members: 45+
  • Sales: + 50 billion
  • Number of business opportunities exchange (referral): 1,200 ref
  • KPI: + 70% of the TV is green

We wish that the term 15 will successfully accomplish the set goals.

Thank you. Because of the beautiful moments.


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