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Referral partner relation- is thoughtfuly enough?

Known that, which is the key thing to build up a long-term business realtion? Well thanked bellow things, you probably be profound referral partners.

-You trust they are as the experienced expert in owned field

-You trust they will accomplish successfully and carefully in which are referrals given

-You know and trust them in last one year at least

– You know at least 3 main products, services of partner and confidently advertise to the others

– You know name of their family and saw one of them at least

– You did answer them: How can you do to give referrals for them?

– You know at least their 5 targets both in individual and business goals

– You can call them in 10:00 PM as you realy need doing

– You do not feel awkwardly as requesting being supported in businesss and individual case

– You have belong with partner in a vacation, study..

– You used to have a private appoitment in business and individual purpose

– You really see the going more success and wishing be that

– They are really hard worked and engrossely contribute in tasks

–  You are openly, faithfully as sharing how to support them and you supported

You may be shocked to obtain above all things with partner, but that are the neccessaries during giving and gaining buisness referrals.We certainly often take time and involvement to develop network relations. Yes, you really well do to whom being trusted, emotionally interested and helps needed.

After realizing above key things, you yourselves avaluate which level relation currently is? With fewer or more abtained relation, you realize they can accomplish those works given. If you have readly some business referrals giving, let’s build up relations of referrals partner who you concerned profoundly.

( Source: Dr.Ivan Misner- Founder & Chairman BNI Global )

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