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Business /9/11/2019

Successful speech by artisan Hoa Dat

When I returned to Hanoi, wandering in the streets for a walk on Saturday night, I was surprised because I could still see To He, a toy of clay from my childhood. I admire the artisans who blow souls into inanimate things.

And in our Chapter, there is also an artist like that – who brings life to clay – from the magic of her hands, she creates landscape paintings, vivid flower pots that only touch them, I see the magic of it. You will too.

Do you want your business to own a “magic power”? Or the desire to seek a meaningful gift to each other? Sometimes it is simply a picture of a house hanging in the house. If you have that wish, please come and share with us your feelings, we give each other business opportunities and increase our network, listen to the sharing about her career – The one we dearly named – Ms Binh Bong.

On November 7th, Mrs. Bong had a successful speaker with very detailed sharing about the process of creating a Hoa Dat work. So to know how to create lovely land vases, exquisite Hoa Dat paintings, luxurious Phalaenopsis pots, the artists have put in so much effort and enthusiasm.

I wish Hoa Dat Nguyen Quang will create more and more beautiful works and spread this good value to many customers, in accordance with the message that Mrs. Bong shared: “To me, Art is unlimited”.

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