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To find out business opportunites: are you on right way?

There is many ways to approach the target, besdise the rough we have many shorter and faster ways. The key thing you realize that ways are?

As same as referral marketing structure, there are many ways to enhance the effectiveness of your exchange business opportunities with other members.

In fact fastly and effectively, you should rquest being connected to a specified individual and straight out some thing to be assisted. Do not go around for seeking business opportunities, so probably you miss that unfortunately.

The bellow story to help you figured out the active way getting business referral in communication:

in a chapter meeting, Sally a member stand up and speaking out:

– I want to be connected with Marty Romero- a largest national property retailer

Janet who has many 1-2-1 turns with Sally since some months is attend in meeting immediately say:

-Sally, Romero is my cousin brother

Sally surprised continue:

– Why did you not tell me before?

Janet said:

You have not told me about that during our referrral exchanging

As wishing to maximize referrals, you shoule be cleared at the begining with partner of suitable business opprotunities and targeted market, client segments  you approaching,

Let’s sellect the smartest and fastest ways to avoid missing opportunites for you and your business.

( Source: Dr.Ivan Misner- Founder & Chairman BNI Global )

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