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Advertising - Media /13/12/2019

Which video businesses often use to make effective marketing?

“Show readers all, don’t tell them” – Hemingway said so about the power of images and imagination. Video is a perfect tool for businesses to show that power. So what types of videos have been used most effectively by the business?

1. Business introduction video

Business introduction movies are a service that businesses have been interested in in recent years. This is a short form of film and is considered a dynamic profile, integrating sound effects and vivid images, introducing capabilities and development orientation of the business to customers. In the current era of information technology, with a large number of users and access to technology products (1/3 of the world’s population use the internet, 5 billion mobile phones) use …), filming introduction business is the number one choice to promote brand image to customers.

Film introducing Hai Huong Seafood Joint Stock Company – Bigsouth Media done

 2. Video introduces product features

Surely you have ever wanted to buy a product but wondered what the product was like? What are the functions? Or with similar products? then “product feature introduction movie” will help you. A product introduction video will help businesses improve conversion rates, reach the right customers and make favorable orders. Video product introduction is a tool to promote products quickly to users. Because it can work on most popular platforms IOS, Android, … and spread through social networks like Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, …

The film introduces product features made by Bigsouth Media

3. Videos tell the story of your product

The rules that apply to your written marketing content apply similarly to your video content: focus on the value you provide to customers. Don’t bother them by promoting your product or service, instead focus on the story surrounding the video. Taking the time to research the needs and desires of their customers and engage them through visual narration through emotional, engaging stories that will engage the audience many times more effectively if spread to right people care.

The viral movie Vaganin strong crem was made by Bigsouth Media

4. Video reviews, product selection advice

Visualize the outstanding advantages of your product or service, so that customers see the greatest benefit when choosing you, not other brands. When making this type of review video, businesses often compare their products with those of their competitors. Point out the pros and cons of both and give advice and choices to customers. This will help customers get an overview and make your products more competitive. However, comparisons and product advice do not imply rival actions.

TVC TV commercial of Buffalo Head in the dry season by Bigsouth Media

5. Video chat with customers who have used your product

Let customers voice their thoughts about your product after it has been used. How effective? How does it work? Do you trust using your product? Customers will find themselves in your Videos and nothing creates more trust than customers who experience and express their feelings about the quality of products and services.

GONY HENA hair dye film by Bigsouth Media.

Source Bigsouthmedia.com

Author: Nguyen Thi Ha (Mrs.)

Account Director: BIGSOUTH AGENCY
More than 10 years experience in branding

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