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Why do you choose BNI?

As Graham Weihmiller- CEO BNI Global he himself shares four reasons experienced:

BNI memebers are qualified of standardization

Every memeber of total 220,000 global members is qualified of standardization as successfully participated into BNI community.

BNI members have to be responsible and do commit in quality and standardization in any country, regional, chapter belonged of BNIs’ system

BNI memebers aim to score values: “Giver & Gain”

BNI score values “Giver & Gain” are well proved in around the world to perform in daily life and business activities.

Recently BNI has 7300 chapters with more than 220.000 members in 72  countries globaly. In 2016, BNI members give 9 millions referrals with amout of US$ 11.2. Since 1985 , BNI members give many millions business referrals with amout of US$ 36.3

BNI memebers are disciplined and highly commited

Hundred thousands BNI memeber attend in 90 minutes meeting weekly. Meeting held in early morning and members must wake up early and carefully arranged something for successful meeting

BNI memebers commit studying and individual development

Beside weekly meetings, BNI has many opportunities help members to develop proffessionaly and powering in order improve experienced more than a normal salesman.

Once well connected to BNI members in around the world, you in fact realize they constantly finding out the best ways and methods to improve knowledge as well individual values.

Source: www.bni.co

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